The Artist - Abbas Ali Khan

Abbas Ali Khan
Since childhood I have always had a knack of aromas and music, both have the power of touching the chords of one’s heart. Just like creating melodies, my passion for blending aromas and playing with fragrances has evolved with time, and I have been nurturing it over the past couple of years. I believe it is finally time to share it with the world, which is why I am bringing to you Abbas Ali khan Fragrances, an Artisan fragrance house designed to cater to your olfactory senses. Music and fragrances both have notes and both cater to moods, I have worked towards creating melodies that touch your soul and putting together new fragrances has simply enhanced this capacity.

The inspiration behind my brand and fragrances pertains to the darker, gothic times of the Victorian era. I want my fragrances to emit the same sensuality and vivid personality that takes a person to another realm of imagination. Each blend has been curated after a series of experiments and numerous aroma materials to soothe out the tangled webs in your mind after a hard day’s work or starting a new day with my scents by your side.